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Last updated: Oct 3rd 1997

Announce of Peics/PgpEudra software

The 0.xx PgpEudra versions are completely freeware, even for commercial use. The 1.xx PgpEudra and Peics Light versions are freeware for your personal use and shareware for commercial use (at work, company, government and educational institutions). Shareware means that you can try it before you buy it. Peics Pro is payware.

Peics Light/Pro 1.26 works with Eudora 3.0.5

PEICS Light 1.26

This is an EMSAPI version that works with Eudora Light 3.0.x. It has an on-request translator that provides an alternative to the window interface, that PgpEudra uses. The window interface (button and Edit|Run PGP...) is still available. This version has a registration dialog box to get a license for the Pro version. It also supports language modules. The first will be German, but it's not finished, yet.


This is an extended EMSAPI version that works with both Eudora Pro 3.0 and Eudora Light 3.0. It's only available for registered users (see the registration page).

This extended version has a more complete dialog box for setting PGP options and a list box for selecting keys.

New features:

German manual PEICS Light 1.21

The language support page has a link to the German manual for PEICS Light 1.21.

Empics Light 1.24

This is the new PgpEudra for Eudora versions under 3.0. It's like Peics Light, but without the EMSAPI.

Empics Pro 1.24

This Pro version for Eudora versions under 3.0 is like Peics Pro, but without EMSAPI.

Empics Light 1.25beta for Agent

This is a version that is intended to work wit Agent (_very_ beta!). It's like Peics Light, but without the EMSAPI.

PgpEudra 1.13

PgpEudra(16) 1.1x (1.00 and bugfixes) will be the last release that works with Eudora 1.4. You'd better upgrade to at least 1.5.2. PgpEudra (32) 1.13 does not work with Eudora (32) 3.0.

PgpEudra 0.26

This is an update of the freeware release of PgpEudra 0.20. It works with Eudora(16) 1.4 to 3.0. It does not work with the 32-bit versions of Eudora.

This version does not have the new features of 1.00, but fixes some bugs and strange behaviour of 0.20. I'll not add features to this freeware version, but I wanted to keep it available for those who do not need more.