BDE Alias dialog box

In C++Builder and Delphi I could not find a proper way to find and open a database. TCWFormOpenDb is a dialogbox that helps creating or finding BDE aliases. It does this the other way around: The user finds a database file (or part of it) and the TCWFormOpenDb's code creates an alias for it or finds a matching alias if it already exists.

[BDE Admin JPEG]
Selecting this button opens a TOpenDialog dialog box to browse to a database file.
Starts the BDE Administrator. This program supplied with C++Builder and Delphi can do much more.
Config mode
This selects which aliases can be seen in the list.
Edit mode
Normally the parameter list is read-only. If you check this box, the parameters can be changed.

Users of the library preferably use TCWDlgOpenDb, which is just a wrapper module around TCWFmOpenDb. (See chapter 43 "Making a dialog box a component" from the C++ Builder 3 Developer's Guide). Before calling the Execute() function you set the Alias property. This specifies the alias, that is selected when the dialog box pops up. If Execute() returned true, the Alias property has the value of the selected BDE alias. An example program that does this is included.

If you want to use this library on Delphi, you probably must create a package project. Maybe Delphi can import C++builder projects.
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