About Comerwell Software

This is in fact just me, Hans Bausewein, writing interfaces for MS-DOS, MS-Windows, the Mac system OS and possibly Unix in C(++), Pascal and assembly language. I wrote Peics, an interface between Eudora and PGP 2.6.3.

How to contact?
E-mail hans@comerwell.xs4all.nl

Bank information
Postbank 7525347ABN-AMRO
Comerwell SoftwareComerwell Software
The NetherlandsThe Netherlands

PGP (2.6.3) keys

Comerwell Software is registered at the Chamber of Trade (Kamer van Koophandel, KvK) Enschede at number 06072135.
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Hans Bausewein (hansb@comerwell.xs4all.nl)