Bugs in PgpEudra/Peics/Empics software

This is the worst thing to publish for a programmer. Usually we are happy that most users do never see some bugs, but I think it's good to publish them. Then you know, why your program behaves so weird, and I hope to get less mail with questions that I don't understand.

Peics Pro 1.28

Peics Pro (32) has lots of problems with Eudora 4.
Eudora 4 is not very well supported. The EMSAPI interface ("Edit | Message plugins" menu) should work more or less.

Peics Pro 1.24

Peics Pro (16) does not load
I compiled for use of the dynamic run-time library. Corrected in 1.25.
Peics Pro (32) complains about the module on start-up
Not sure if this was the problem, but I made the comparison of the module information case sensitive. Fixed (I hope) in 1.25.

Peics/Empics 1.23

Peics/Empics(16) causes a GPF on start-up
This happens if you do not have the PGPPATH variable set.
Fixed in version 1.24.

PgpEudra 0.24

The bugs in 0.20 are fixed and I removed the code that changed the titlebar, because it didn't work very well. The "Second command-line parameter"-bug is in this one, too (See 1.02).

PgpEudra 1.02

Nickname expansion (fixed in 1.04)
This does not always work. It works fine if the cursor (caret in Windows terms) is at the end of the "To:"-field. PgpEudra uses the Eudora menu item "Finish Nickname". Will be fixed in version 1.03.
Second command-line parameter. (fixed in 1.04)
I had not noticed that this was possible and usable. You can specify 2 command-line arguments to Eudora: 1) the maildirectory, and 2) the path to the configuration file (EUDORA.INI). If you do this, PgpEudra cannot find its INI-file in that directory.

PgpEudra 1.03

Clipboard contents to edit-window (fixed in 1.04)
If you "Run PGP..." and the edit-window is empty, but the clipboard is not, then you got the clipboard contents in the edit-window. This was caused by the "Wrap Selection" command, that uses the clipboard. I fixed this by wiping the clipboard before and after the "Wrap Selection" call. I also added a check on the textlength because PGP complains that "the file is not a pure text file", when there's just 1 character and a carriage return line feed in the text.
Starting minimized & button problem (fixed in version 1.04)
When starting minimized the button could not be installed, probably because Eudora has not yet created the window where the button should go into. In version 1.04 it only can't be installed when the toolbar is floating (not attached to the top or side). In that case you get a messagebox with a [retry] and a [cancel] button. If you choose "retry" then PgpEudra will try it again whenever you use the menu or when the main window is activated.

PgpEudra 1.06

Nickname expansion
This does not work very well if there's more than one nickname. Fixed in PgpEudra 1.07b8
Page fault in PEICS.DLL
When PgpEudra finds a key in an incoming encrypted message it should ask the user if the key must be added to the keyring. This may cause a page fault or a GPF (General Protection Failure). Fixed in PgpEudra 1.07b9.
Moving over button in Eudora Pro(16) 3.0
Peics/PgpEudra (16) causes a GPF in Eudora Pro (16) 3.0 when the mouse cursor is moved over the Peics-button. This is caused by the code in Eudora that shows the little reminder windows below the buttons. It seems Eudora gets confused by another button. I've not fixed this, yet. If you choose "ignore" the program continues correctly. If you turn of "Show toolbar tips" in "Fonts & Display", then you'll not get the error.

Fixed in Peics and will also be fixed in PgpEudra 1.14.