Empics/Peics pages

These pages are intended to support Empics/Peics, the PGP-shell for use with Eudora. Everything on these pages is related to this program and how it relates to PGP and Eudora. There are 3 versions available:
  1. Empics is the version for Eudora versions below 3.
  2. Peics Light is for Eudora Light 3.0
  3. Peics Pro is the extended version for Eudora 3.0.
PgpEudra is the old name/version which will be removed, soon.
On this page I'll announce new versions of Empics/Peics.
Bugs in Empics and Peics
On this page you'll find what bugs are reported and how to work around, if possible. I'll also announce bugfixes on this page.
Short description.
This is a general description of Peics Pro 1.20 and PgpEudra.
Download page
From this page you can download Empics and Peics Light.
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Please read this page before you mail me. I don't like to answer the same questions all the time.
Register Empics/Peics Pro
peics 1.00 and above is shareware for commercial use. This means that you can try it before you buy it. If you use it for your personal non-commercial mailhandling, then you can use the program for free, but I offer you a registration for half-price. Peics Pro is not freeware so you can only get it by registering and paying. See also Information about purchasing Empics/Peics Pro)
English manual Peics Pro 1.25
This is a manual meant for reading on-line.
English manual Peics Light 1.25
This is a manual meant for reading on-line.
Zipped english manuals
These are the Peics/Empics Light and Peics/Empics Pro manuals meant for downloading. It is one long HTML-file. The same file is included in the distribution of Empics/Peics.
Useful links on the internet
This page gives several links on the internet that you could use as a starting point to find pgp-related www-pages.
Other language support
I hope you can read this page. The manual has been translated to several languages and maybe even the program will be translated.

Remarks, questions, etc

Please send mail about this program to peics@comerwell.xs4all.nl. I still like to find my personal mail if this program gets popular ;-).
Page last updated: August 6, 2001
Hans Bausewein (hansb@comerwell.xs4all.nl)