Peics Pro 1.20, a PGP-shell for Eudora 3.0

Peics Pro is a PGP-shell that runs as an EMSAPI plug-in extension to Eudora. PGP (Pretty Good Privacy, written by Philip Zimmermann) is a program for very good public key encryption. This is a DOS-program, that should be run from the DOS command-line. Eudora from QUALCOMM is a very popular mail program for MS-Windows.

Peics Pro extends the menu of Eudora with an item "Run PGP..." and adds a push button to the toolbar. That means that you can start PGP from the Eudora menu or by clicking the button. The EMSAPI offers a menuitem under "Edit | Message plugins...".

Peics copies the data in the current window to a text file on disk. It scans the file to find out what it should do. Then it presents a dialog box:

[ PICTURE: Encrypt dialogbox ]

It makes the most probable selection from the four radiobuttons in the upper right corner of the dialog box, so you usually just have to click the [OK] button. If you want something special, you can change the selection, though. You can even encrypt or sign an already encrypted message. Every change in the options or the listbox is immediately reflected in the command-line.

Summary of features:

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